1.Five Principles of high reliability: Preoccupation with failure: Time-out encourages every team

1.Five Principles of high reliability:
Preoccupation with failure: Time-out encourages every team member to speak up and go over the checklist together before every procedure. Last week, when I was in ER, I got a call from ER physician to perform cardioversion on this patient. Everyone in the team did a time-out before we performed the procedure. According to the journal of preventive medicine, to improve the quality and safety of patient care, the newer processes paradigms allow the patient’s participation in their care during hospitalization (Sagy el at, 2017). I think if we practice in time out and encourage voice from every team member every time alongside the patient’s participation, we can improve patient safety and reduce human error.
Reluctance to simplify: My hospital implemented ” root case analysis” for every incident in order to avoid making same mistake again by find out the cause rather than blame specific individual.
sensitivity to operations: protocols and policies are examples of Sensitivity to operations. In order to reduce errors and undesirable variabilities, we usually follow hospital protocols and policies. It helps employees accountable for following the right steps when caring for patients. This standardize practices across the organization and ensure that every patient receives the same level of care.
Commitment to resilience: COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every industry, especially in healthcare. As healthcare profession, we had to learn this new diseases all together
Deference to expertise: In RT department, when ABG machine breaks down, we have to call technical support.
2.What is the best type of health insurance? Do some research to justify your answer. (p. 217).
I think we should have universal healthcare in US that all legal residents of country have access to quality basic medical care. I do think whoever seeking medical help should be treated equally regardless of income, employment, health condition or other requirement; however, in reality this is not the case. Affordable care act is more affordable for many people even people with preexisting health conditions; yet, this has caused premiums to rise for a lot of people who already had health insurance. It because insurance companies provide a wider range of benefits and cover people with preexisting conditions. This is not fair for those who are healthy, take good care of themselves, don’t do drug and abuse the system. 
3.Why is it so important to have accurate medical billing and coding? (p. 251). billing and coding are important factors of revenue cycle. accurate medical billing and coding provides accurate payments, prevent denials and delays in payment.
Sagy, M. (2017). Quality care and patient safety – a call for patient engagement, participation and Accountability. Journal of Preventive Medicine, 02(01). https://doi.org/10.21767/2572-5483.100013