1 Unit 2: Windshield Survey Windshield Survey Assignment Part I: For this

Unit 2: Windshield Survey
Windshield Survey Assignment
Part I: For this assignment, students will take about an hour to explore a particular district/ or community. Drive around and look around the community to assess what resources are available. From your observations, complete the following form. If you were unable to locate answers visually, please research and find where these nearest resources are
Section I: Windshield Survey
What is the name of the community/city/county?
My survey will consider Jacksonville, North Carolina, situated in Onslow County (Phillips, 2022).
What are the boundaries of this city, or where is this community located? Is it obvious where the community starts and ends? And you know that how?
Jacksonville city is a military base where there are considerable military subcultures found in the city. It is an intercostals city that borders St. Johns River, Arlington, and Jacksonville Beaches. The city is located on the southeastern side of North Carolina. The city access reliable and instant water from the New River that draws its water from the Atlantic Ocean.
What kinds of services for families are available? Could a family find everything they need on a day-to-day basis within this neighborhood/community? (such as food, gas, healthcare, etc.) If not, how far would they have to travel to find such services?
Since Jacksonville is a military base, families available in the area can access what services and goods they require. The local government and the national government have invested a considerable number of resources in supporting business and improving the social amenities to make the lives of soldiers and the entire community comfortable. There are hospitals, clinics, grocery stores, shopping centers, and restaurants. Within less than twenty minutes, Jacksonville citizens can access the goods and services they require.
Is the city/community safe for children to play and walk to school? Describe.
Jacksonville city is safe for children to play and walk to schools. There are driving speed limits to indicate the presence of children, particularly in learning institutions. Many modern schools in the area, such as Sandalwood High School, Bartram Trail High School, and Oakleaf High School. Easier access to schools has improved the level of education where 22.2% of people above the age of twenty-five years are graduates. Additionally, 92.3% of the population above twenty-five years is high school graduates.
Are there any organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs, churches, or Head Start centers that provide activities for children? Describe.
Since the area has many military activities, boys and girls have the privilege to engage in various activities in clubs and scout groups. More than eighteen clubs in the city enhance skills among young boys and girls. For example, the youth development professional support sports and recreations among boys and girls. The boys and girls could attend churches from different denominations. The most famous churches include Excel Church, Southpoint Community Church, Impact Church, and the church of Eleven22.
What kinds of jobs would people have in this community? Any special industry or big employers present? Describe.
There are various job opportunities in Jacksonville city such as construction, grocery stores, farming, teaching in local schools, and selling at various local shops. Various major companies offer big employment. They include Coastal Enterprises of Jacksonville and Platinum Corral. People qualified in various nursing courses can access jobs in the healthcare sectors in large hospitals such as Onslow Memorial Hospital.
Do the schools appear inviting to students? Are the buildings in good condition, or are they run down? Are the playgrounds current or old? Describe.
There are different types of schools, both the traditional which were created more than ten decades ago but are inviting to students and look presentable. Most of the high schools have trees and good playing grounds for students. The middle and elementary schools are inviting and presentable to children since they have the modern equipment to support learning.
Are there lots of real estate for sale? Are they mostly houses, or is there evidence of closed-down businesses?
There is lots of real estate for sale in the city, and most houses range from $140,000 to $ 400,000. The real estate business is evident in the area, and it is not a closed-down business. The most predominate real estate companies include Engineering Firms, Upscale Homebuilders, and Top Small Residential Real Estate.
What type of stores/businesses are available (shopping centers, neighborhood stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies?)Are they in one area or spread out within the community? Can people walk there? Describe.
The businesses and stores in Jacksonville city are evenly distributed, and people from every corner of the city can access essential goods and services. For instance, various car dealers such as G.W. Trucks, Lexus of Jacksonville, Autoline Preowned, Subaru of Jacksonville, and Duval Acura. Various private hospitals are well spread in the area, including Memorial Hospital Jacksonville and St. Vincent’s Medical Center Southside.
Any ethnic stores/markets? If not local, how far would residents have to travel?
During the survey, I noted several ethnic stores, including Sprouts Farmers Market and Dollar General, which are white-oriented businesses.
Are there churches present? Do those buildings appear to be well maintained, or are they run down? What is the predominant type of church building seen? Describe.
There are many modern and traditionally built churches in Jacksonville city in North Carolina. The buildings are well maintained and inviting to people to addend church services. The most common churches are modern with modern infrastructure. Examples of such churches include and predominant in the area include Excel Church, Southpoint Community Church, Impact Church, and the church of Eleven22.
Are there doctor offices/dental offices within the community/neighborhood? Are any alternative medicine services available? Any hospitals? Is medical care available within the community, or do the residents have to travel? How far away do they have to go for c
onsideration if they travel?
The city has dental and doctor offices, particularly at CBD (Kisacky, 2022). However, there are more other doctors’ offices in the rural areas of the city. Patients can access the medical services in their place and do not need to travel for long distances to access medical services.
Are there social agencies (welfare, WIC, social services) available? If not found locally, where are these nearest agencies found?
There are many women, Infants, and Children (WIC) that aim at providing services at no cost. The WIC aims at enhancing referrals for healthcare, counseling, and nutritional education. Arkansas is the main WIC program in the area. Other social services organizations such as Senior service provide financial and counseling services to the elderly above the age of sixty-five years.
Are any senior centers or child care centers available? Does it appear that the centers are utilized? Describe.
There are various senior centers, such as the City Of Jacksonville Senior Service Division which serves the older people. The mission of the programs is to ensure that the elderly are living active and independent lives in the city. The elderly are provided with platforms to enhance their education on avoiding chronic illness through proper diet.
Are there community organizations present (Elks, Masons, etc.)? If not seen locally, how far away are these organizations for residents?
Throughout my tour in the city, I did not come across any community organization mentioned on billboards or buildings. However, it does mean Jacksonville city lack such organizations. Various wildlife clubs aim and conserving the environment. The members of the clubs usually establish community-based education to protect forests and wild animals in the city.
Are there any restaurants or fast food in the community/neighborhood? Describe.
Various international fast-moving foods have established significant branches in the city. Such companies include Wendy’s, Waffle House, Sonic, Popeye’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s. Since many people in the city are busy in business are more likely to consume fast-moving to save time. Fast-moving foods are the leading cause of chronic illnesses, particularly in the white population.
Are there political signs present? What are most of the political signs about? Does the community appear to be Republican or Democrat? Describe.
Jacksonville city is a political environment since I could find billboards for clerk of courts Election. Since most of the population has been whites since the early 20th century, most whites shifted from the democratic to the republican party. In contrast, most of the black people remain in the democratic party.
What is the age of the houses? Are they all new or old or a mix of both? Are they made of bricks or painted? Are they mostly single-story or multistory homes? Describe.
In Jacksonville city, there are ongoing constructions to modern houses. Other houses seem less than five years old. Additionally, other houses were built before the 1950s. Most of the houses built before the 1950s were plantation houses. The new homes are built of siding, stucco, and bricks. The older houses are only made of siding and bricks.
Are there single-family homes, mobile homes, apartments, or duplexes? Describe.
In the rural areas of most of the homes are single-family homes and mobile homes; however, in the city, most of the houses are apartment houses.
Do the houses appear to be well maintained, or are they run down? Are the yards maintained? Is there junk on the porches/yard? Describe.
Most of the houses do not seem to run down; they are conducive and safe to reside in. Some of the residential houses are required to be maintained based on the city standard. The only challenge is junk on porches and yards since I could see old refrigerators outside many homes.
Are there sidewalks and stoplights in the community/neighborhood? Describe.
There are stop signs all over the areas where the police investigate and survey what a car might be carrying.
Are there any open public spaces? Recreations centers? Green spaces? Public gardens or parks? Are the parks in good repair, or are they run down? Are there lots of trees?
Various recreation areas are distributed evenly around the city. The most common ones are Baldwin Park, Stockton Park, Riverside Park Memorial Park, and James Weldon Johnson Park. The recreation centers are well maintained and equipped with modern facilities.
Are there any baseball fields soccer fields?
(The schools may have these)
There are various football fields where the youths can arrange small competitions during weekends.
Is the community/neighborhood clean, or is there litter? Are any abandoned cars or junk visible to the public? Describe.
The city CBD is well maintained, and hardly one can see litter. However, the less developed parts of the particularly where low-income people live it are not clean, and one could see litter.
What is the overall air quality appear to be? Any smog, stink? Does the water in lakes or ponds appear reasonably clear? Describe.
The air from the city is clean due to the presence of many trees. The New River provides clean water to the community. The ponds appear muddy, but there are no signs of smog in the area. The industries in the area have comprehensive programs to dispose of their waste without affecting the water bodies.
How do people get around in the neighborhood? Do the cars appear well maintained or are they old? Are there buses, sidewalks, any bicyclists? Is there a train? Are there bicycle lanes or bicycle racks in many places?
Most of the people are middle class and hence can afford vehicles. People get around the area by driving. There are also some public buses to cater to the population that cannot drive themselves. Most of the vehicles are well maintained although cars may appear rusty with some missing taillights but generally appear well maintained.
Are the roads in good repair or are they in poor condition? Describe.
The roads in the city CBD are well maintained and modern. However, some roads in the rural areas have some potholes.
How is the traffic? Is it mostly commercial traffic or local traffic? Describe.
There are traffics at specific times of the day. The traffic is bad during the morning when people are heading to work, during lunchtime when people are heading to restaurants and hotels, and during the evening since most people are getting back to their homes from work.
Do you see any law enforcement officers? Is their presence felt in the community? Describe.
There are many law enforcement agents on the roads, and once in a while, you will see troopers around the city and some parts of the city’s rural area.
Are there significant highways/roads through the neighborhood/community?
Major highways in the area range from La 190, La 51, La 22, La 16, and La 55. The major highways are found within the city.
Can you find a fire station? Notice any fire hydrants around the town/neighborhood? If not seen, where is the nearest fire station?
Through the research, I noticed various fire stations in the city, and one that attracted my attention due to the high technology integration was Jacksonville Fire Rescue.
Are any ambulance garages present? (The local hospitals or fire stations may have this if not seen separately)
There are ambulance garages that are near major hospitals in the area. The garages are seen separately, but the hospital executives manage them.
Any evidence of a neighborhood watch program? Are homes gated off? Do you see security system signs posted in yards/businesses? Describe.
There are signs of security systems in various gated communities, but I never came across other neighborhood watch programs. The simple security signs included SimpleSafe and Custom security.
What is the ethnicity of the neighborhood/community? Describe.
The U.S. Census Bureau shows that the white population is 67.7%, 20% of the population are black Americans, 4.7% mix mixed races, 2.5% are Indian, and 0.7% are American India.
Where do young people go to gather/hang out in the neighborhood/community? Where do the elderly go? Describe.
The young gather at the various movie theater, hang out at parks all walk around at the shopping centers. However, the elderly are supported by social programs where they are taken by the city bus to various casino clubs during the weekends.
Are there nursing homes/rehab centers present? If not found locally, how far away are these resources?
There are various nursing homes and rehabilitation centers in Jacksonville city. Some nursing homes include Moosehaven, River Garden Hebrew Home for the Aged, and Vicar’s landing home (Li, Chen, Guniganti, Kansagra, Piccirillo, Chen & Starke, 2022). The rehabilitation centers include Heartland Rehabilitation Services At Southside and Riverwood Center.
Any evidence of homelessness? Is there a homeless shelter? Describe.
Throughout the tour, I did not notice any sign of homelessness; however, some people on the roadsides begging for food and money with written boards indicating homeless.
Notice any stray animals? Describe.
There are various stray cars around fast food places and multiple hotels and restaurants.
Miscellaneous observations (here is where you describe the situation that led you to choose the community project you will be doing if the observations do not fall into one of the above categories.
The main reason I chose Jacksonville city is that it is one of the cities that has been aggressive and proactive to reduce racial discrimination while embracing workplace diversity in small companies and enterprises. The security is tight since it is a military-based area. Various opportunities are present due to effective policies to support entrepreneurship.
Section II: Data/Observation Analysis:
What is your overall impression of the community?
The area is impressive and safe to live in because it is a military base with the presence of many security agencies (Tertulien, Roberts, Eaton, Cene, Corbie-Smith, Manson & Breathett, 2022). It is an inviting area that embraces cultural diversity. Due to various ethnic groups, racial discrimination is not a very common practice. People in the area are clean and friendly to foreigners and visitors.
What are the neighborhood/community’s weaknesses or challenges, or problems?
There are various weaknesses among Jacksonville city. The first challenge is the presence of many fast-moving food stores. The elderly and the youths cannot maintain a healthy diet to prevent chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and cancers. Jacksonville citizens lack comprehensive knowledge on effective dietary, thus more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses. The other disadvantage in the area is the lack of recreation grounds for the elderly to enhance their body exercise.
What is the most pressing problem you identified, in your opinion?
I noted that the majority of the population are whites with a population of 67.7%, 20% of the population are black Americans, 4.7% mix mixed races, 2.5% are Indian, and 0.7% are American India. Based on what I saw in various markets, there is racial discrimination in many areas. The whites have discriminated against other ethnic groups, as evidenced by various job sites. For instance, I did not see any large organizations where the senior executive, like a CEO, was held by any other ethnicity than the whites.
Propose a solution to this problem that is realistic and relevant. Discuss who would address this and how.
The New River is the source of water for the entire community. I would propose that the local government develop various policies to prevent people who may find destroying the ecosystem. The other policy I would propose is to minimize the number of fast-moving food stores so that the general population would be able to prevent chronic illness among the population.
What is the most striking thing about this community?
The most striking thing in the area is dozens of well-adapted native trees that make the area suitable for breathing fresh air (Jin & Sanders, 2022). Since water is not a problem in the area, the general citizens have planted numerous trees in their homesteads.
What was most unexpected?
One surprising thing I did not expect was horses in the area, but I realized that the many horses were a result of many soldiers and law enforcers who use them for patrol during the day.
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