2-2 Final Project Milestone One: Fostering Partnerships

Write a paper that provides solutions and answers to the following prompts.  Keep your answers clear, effective, and focused on the basic ideas you want to offer.

Explain how positive community relations and collaborative partnerships between a law enforcement agency and the public can benefit your precinct’s community.

How will law enforcement work with community stakeholders to develop solutions to problems and improve public trust?

Select government agencies and other law enforcement organizations that your law enforcement agents can partner with.

Recommend strategies for working collaboratively to identify problems, develop solutions for the community, and increase public trust.

Recommend strategies for working with individuals who live, work, or otherwise have an interest in the precinct community.

How can these stakeholders aid in identifying community concerns?
How can these stakeholders support facilitating positive community relations and combatting crime?

Recommend strategies for collaborating with advocacy and community-based organizations in your precinct.

What are the benefits of partnering with these agencies? How do these organizations benefit from these partnerships?

Recommend strategies for working with local businesses in identifying and obtaining resources on problems of mutual concern.

How can businesses help contribute to a positive community climate and combat crime?

Cite using APA citing