2-3 Final Project: Milestone One Human Resource Management


Overview: This milestone is designed to begin a critical analysis applying knowledge gained within the course. This short paper assignment is the first step in the analysis of the company that will become your final project. For the final project, you will review the human resource management (HRM) in an organization through a real scenario. This case study will give you the opportunity to explore various roles and processes within the human resources profession. A key skill for any professional working in human resources is the ability to develop and implement processes that align with a companys strategic plan and mission. 
Begin by reading the first 13 pages of the case study, A.P. Moller-Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives (up to HR-Customer Initiative at Maersk), located in your Harvard Business Review Coursepack. 

Start your short paper by briefly answering the following questions: 

1.Explain why the human resource function should be aligned with an organizations strategic plan (use ideas from the Module One discussion on thistopic).
2.Explain how current global conditions in Maersks industry impact human resource management practices within this organization (use ideas from theModule One discussion on this topic).

Then, using the material on recruitment strategies provided in this weeks lesson and the case study, address the following:
1.Compare and contrast recruitment and selection of internal versus external candidates in general.
2.Describe how Maersk has recruited and selected new employees who were aligned with the organizations vision and goals over the years.
3.Assess the effectiveness of its recruitment process and determine what changes if any you would recommend to improve employee success andretention.

Guidelines for Submission: Your submission should be 23 pages in length and double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman 
font. Be sure to list your references at the end of your paper.  NO PLAGARISM AS ALL PAPERS WILL BE CHECKED