2-3 page paper Macroeconimics

Paper requirements:
1. Choose a news article(s), from a major news source (i.e. “The Economist”, “Wall Street Journal”, “Financial Times”, etc.), that covers a topic, issue, or event in financial markets for the domestic economy and/or the global economy that is of interest to you.
2. Using your chosen article, write 2-3 complete pages (typed, double-spaced, Times Roman Numeral, 12-point font) of an analysis, summary, review, or opinion on the content of your chosen article. Papers that do not meet the 2-3 complete page requirement will not receive any extra credit points. 
3. Submit your paper, with webliography, to the assigned dropbox before 1159pm, Monday, 4/12/2021. No email submission or late submission will be accepted.