2 EGGS ARE ON A ROLL Germain 1 Peter Germain Professor Fiedler

Germain 1
Peter Germain
Professor Fiedler
ENC 1102
7 May 2022
Topic Proposal
My topic is based on the growing issue of cyber threat in the Information Technology field around the world. My research paper will dissect the many risks involving cyber security and the different sectors that’s in danger, followed by the three major cyber threats around the world. In addition, my paper will present the leaders in cyber solutions like IBM, Cisco and Palo Alto Networks who the of the top cybersecurity companies. I found many books and journals through the library resource to reference my topic. For example, this book“ Critical Energy Infrastructure At Risk Of Cyber Attack” written by Frank Umbach a Associate Director of the European Centre for energy and resource Security at King’s College in London, head of the “International Energy Security” programme at the Centre for European Security Strategies, and published by Korand Adenauer Stiftung in September 2012. Second, I found this article “ A Stealth Cyber-Attack Detection Strategy for DC Microgrids” written by Sahoo, Subham ; Peng, Jimmy Chih-Hsien ; Dragicevic, Tomislav assistant Professor, AAU Energy, The Faculty of Engineering and Science, published in August 2019