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The television program considered the talk show is concerned with giving the audience and the adequate host time to converse and interact effectively. The show is based on inviting the most prominent person, like a psychological expert who interacts with the audience by counseling them. At the same time, the latter asks questions concerning day-to-day activities. The program is meant to provide an interactive session for the audience, and they can access further knowledge in different fields. The subject that was discussed was the tactics to live free from depression. During the program, different audiences gave their life experiences and how most of them used to curb the problem. In addition, the psychology expert communicated effectively by giving the audience the best approaches to deal with stress, like sharing the problem with close friends and finding psychological assistance from approved mental facilities.
The interaction model of communication is fitted in the television show program. The audience, the host of the show, and the guest were involved in interacting by sending messages and receiving feedback. The interaction model of communication creates an atmosphere of togetherness and individual suggestions and views (Vlachopoulos & Makri 2019). The conversation was fully effective since the parties involved complied with effective communication tactics. The audience responded effectively when asked questions, and most of them applied their listening skills to capture the message from the guest. In addition, the interaction model between the host of the program and the guests used the context of the major topic of discussion and allowed the audience to pay attention and be involved in the conversation.
The noise in the room interfered with the communication, especially when the audience responded to questions in a massive approach. The noise led to a lack of understanding of the messages and hindered accurate feedback. In addition, it interfered with the interaction between the host and the guest. For example, the guest challenged the audience by stating to them that being in a depressed state is sometimes a personal influence. On the other hand, the audience disagreed with the guest speaker, leading to a lack of effective interaction.
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