23 and me question

The following discussion questions evaluate your ability to analyze ethnicity estimates provided by the testing companies and third-party tools. Read the following and, based on your understanding of ethnicity estimates, answer the discussion questions: Mary T. received her ethnicity results from 23andMe, which show an estimate of 7.0% French and German. However, her father is at least 50% German, since her grandfather was a German immigrant with known German roots.

Discussion Question: What are some of the several reasons that Marys self-predicted ethnicity might be different from her 23andMe test results? What steps might you recommend Mary take to learn more about her ethnicity results at 23andMe? What steps might you recommend Mary take to learn about her ethnicity in general? For best grading results and to shape the discussion, read the accompanying rubric before posting. Post at least one original comment and at least two thoughtful responses to classmates. The discussion board will open the first Monday and stay open throughout the module, closing when the module does. Posting your original comments no later Thursday night gives your classmates time to respond and maximizes your possible points. You are encouraged to practice using the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition; 2010) of formatting and Evidence Explained (3rd edition; 2015) citations within your submission. However, you will not be graded on your ability to use these formatting methods.

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