4.2 Objective Plans

Using the template provided, you will write out your plan for teaching the content area standards for the first nine-week period on the Scope and Sequence/Pacing Guide/Horizontal Map previously submitted.  Each standard is typically represented by one Objective Plan (although you may group like standards), and there may be four or more standards to cover in a nine-week period.  Therefore, you can expect to submit four or more Objective Plans during this Module (submit a maximum of 10 even if that doesn’t fully cover the nine weeks).  As you prepare the Objective Plans, think about how you might infuse UDL (Universal Design for Learning) strategies stimulate interest and motivation for learning, present information in different ways, and differentiate ways that students can express what they know.

At least 4 separate objective plans should be submitted.  Blackboard will allow you to attach multiple documents within one submission.  Or you can combine the multiple objective plans into one pdf and submit it.

An Template has been uploaded with an example. I will need 4 objective plans based on the attached scope and sequence attached.