400-600 word discussion post due Friday August 27, 2021

Primary Task Response: The Individual Project for this week involves giving a presentation to a city council and city manager in a public forum regarding their consideration of transition from traditional policing to community-oriented policing & problem solving (COPPS). Review the Unit 4 Individual Project and then explain how you would prepare for the upcoming presentation in the city council meeting. 
In your response, answer each of the following questions:

Would you use PowerPoint or other electronic aids in your presentation? If so, which would you use and why. If not, why not? 
What kind of research would you engage in to provide the information and analysis that the city manager and city council have requested? Why? 
Would you meet with anyone as part of getting this presentation ready? If so, who and why? 
Would you make the presentation to the city manager and city council alone, or would you bring others with you to brief and/or answer questions? If so, who and why? If not, why not?