6-2 Final Project Milestone Three: Introduction, Analysis, and Discussion

In your initial post, attach your Milestone Three submission. Make sure that it includes the “Discussion” section of the final project and incorporates feedback on the “Introduction” and “Analysis” sections (submitted for Milestones One and Two).
In response to your peers, be sure to give them substantive feedback that will help them improve their final paper. Note that your grade for this milestone assignment will be determined based on both the completeness of your initial post and the quality of your engagement in the peer review process.
To complete this assignment, review the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document.

Hi Everyone,
Below are the characteristics of a well-designed experiment. Note that all of these may not be applicable to your article. Look at those that are applicable to your chosen article to help you write this portion of your paper for Milestone Three. 
You need the characteristics of a well-designed experiment in week 6 when you write the Milestone Three portion of the final project.
1. Ask a very specific, testable question.
2. Test a control for comparison (a group that does not receive the experimental treatment).
3. Use a sample size large enough to allow firm conclusions.
4.To understand a whole population, obtain a random sample of that population to avoid bias.
5. Replicate each part of the experiment (at least 3 times).
6. Hold all variables constant between trials except the variable being tested.
7.Collect quantitative data whenever possible.
8.Measure using metric units.
9.Gather data carefully and accurately.
10. Be objective and honest. 
Please avoid using the word “I” when writing your response to the questions asked in the rubric for Milestone Three. 
Thank you,
Instructor Banor