9 Think Phase 第一页:Think (Consider) Phase Key Message: “KFC fried chicken gives

Think Phase
第一页:Think (Consider) Phase
Key Message: “KFC fried chicken gives unforgettable experience.”
第二页: Think Phase Channel Selection
The ‘think’ phase is a unique stage where customers already have background information about the company and its products. thus, at this stage customers mainly search for information about the finer details of the products, including the location, prices, and other information on how to purchase and enjoy the outcomes.
At the ‘think’ stage, we are focusing to provide enticing and instructive information that will help to reassure customers to make their first purchase or to continue buying our products.To this end, the company has empowered its social media team to upscale interactions with customers on its social media platforms. The social media team would also find ways of increasing and maintaining traffic in the company’s websites by initiating, igniting, and maintaining the online presence of KFC’s products.
Primary Objective: Drive more new users to download KFC’s app by increasing exposure
Secondary Objective: Let inactive old users start using KFC’s App again
An increase in search engine traffic on KFC’s website.
Several first-time visits to the website.
Number of repeat visits to the website
The duration of time spent by those who visit the websites
An increase in the number of people who order the KFC products online
An increase in overall sales and revenues
Average returns in terms of new customers per unit cost spent online advertisement.
The number of constructive engagements in social media accounts in terms of comments, queries, complaints, and compliments.
A number of successful online surveys about the company’s products and consumer perception about the products.
3. Consumer Insights
During this phase, the KFC customers search for platforms to get information about product packages to enhance their experience.
Consequently, more consumers download the KFS App to explore more information about the innovative services at KFC and the ultimate consumer experience.
The new generation of consumers is looking for consumption arrangements compatible with their unique identities and expectations.
On the other hand, customers who have been with KFC for a long time would be looking for new deals and initiatives to ignite their drive to use the new KFC app.
Media Type
Role and Benefits
Paid Media
Display ads and posters
-Recognize and enlist potential customers who are interested in the KFC products and other related services by analyzing their interests online through what they have browsed previously
Parenting Search engines
Shopping websites
Earned Media
Funded social media posts
Provide and share information online about the products to as many people as possible
Target new consumers through targeted posting
Study the preferences of consumers though their membership to various groups and post appropriate and relevant information to the customers
You Tube
Initiate and encourage consistent reviews of the company’s products.
Initiating and sustaining a targeted online discussion to shape opinions and convince potential customers about the company’s products.
You Tube
Owned media
Channels owned by the company
Provide detailed information about the company’s products, new product offerings, discounts, and other special features of the company’s product offerings.
Company websites
Company Facebook page
Company instagram account
Content for the ‘Think’ Phase
This phase contains posters that inform and encourage consumers to purchase KFC products. The signs also encourage consumers to refer their loved ones and friends to have an experience of KFC products. According to Nagendra (2020), consumers in the contemporary business world source information about the goods and services they intend to purchase. Consequently, most consumers are likely to make purchasing decisions and influence their loved ones to buy goods and services they have sourced online (Nagendra, 2020). On the same note, many consumers depend on the information they access through social media influencers and other online platforms to make important purchasing decisions (Spiller, 2021). On this note, the posters would serve a key role in supporting the KFC online presence. The signs contain the key message “KFC fried chicken gives an unforgettable experience.” Additionally, the posters encourage and entice consumers and potential customers to visit the KFC website to learn more about the company’s product offerings and other unique attributes, such as discounts.
Figure 1 content of Think Phase #1 Figure 2 Content of Thnk Phase #2
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