A 24 hour diet recall

Formative 1 exercise




A 24 hour recall one of numerous methods to record what an individual
eats.  It may be used as part of a
consultation or during the process of collecting dietary data for a study.


During a 24 hour recall you are questioning a person around what they
have eaten and drank along with timings on the previous day.


It may be used to gain an understanding of the patterns of their food
intake throughout the day. 


Things to consider when undertaking a 24 hour


–      Communication skills – consider how to ask questions to get useful

–      Write all information down clearly and legibly as you go through

–      If you are unsure of an answer, query it. 

–      Start at the beginning of the day and work through to the end

–      Remember to ask beyond meals such as considering what your partner had
to drink, or if they had snacks.

–      Remain non-judgemental.  You are
only asking questions and gaining answers. You are not giving an opinion.


You should aim not to influence what your peer says by showing any
judgement or by asking leading questions. You just need to ask them a simple
question such as “Can you tell me what you ate yesterday?” and let
them talk about their food intake from the beginning to the end of the
day. It is best not to interrupt them but rather let them
remember what they ate. Note down all the details and then go back over what
they have said checking that they have not missed anything out and checking for
specific details and quantities; for example if they told you they had cereal
for breakfast you would want to qualify what type of cereal.








Each of you
will take the part of the interviewer and interviewee. Allow 20 minutes for
each diet recall.

the interview, discuss differing methods of collecting diet data and the justification
of using a 3-5 day diet analysis with your peer.

Then hold a
discussion to reflect with your peer on the experience of undertaking the diet

4)    Following this exercise submit 300-500 words
reflecting on the whole experience and learning from the overall exercise.  Aim to reflect on both the experience of
collecting the information from your partner as well as being interviewed about
your diet.  


Notes with Catherine


Catherine – A 24 hour diet recall

She does not drink Coffee and she just gets Herbal Tea
before bed or evening.

She gets up at 7 am and drink water.

She goes to GYM before breakfast and she does crossfit
around 1h.

10 mins before breakfast she gets a probiotic supplement
as microbiom support.

She has breakfast at 9 am. She eats porridge (oatmeal)
and Whey Protein.

She has lunch at 1 pm. She eats Tuna Salad and Greek

She gets a snack at 3 pm with Chocolate Protein Bar.

She eats Vegetarian Chili (Beans and Rice) at dinner.

She goes to bed at 10 pm.



She wants to improve her energy level and she feels