Adaptation Project

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Your director has noticed that many teachers at your preschool are anxious about having children with disabilities and circle time has been a particular challenge for many teachers supporting children with disabilities at your school.  The director knows you are taking this class and wants you to discuss teaching strategies for this specific activity.
Choose one disability, which you will also use to research for your topic presentation (due in a few weeks).  Your instructor will have a sign-up list.  Create at least 2 strategies the classroom teacher can use to help support children with this disability during circle time. Describe clearly what the strategy is, how is should be used, and how it will be helpful.
Give evidence from the chapter supporting information in your handout OR paper (with APA  in-text citations).  You may choose whether you want to present the information in a hand-out OR a paper.  The evidence you use can be a direct or paraphrased quote or study from the text, but it must be cited in the text AND include an APA References page at the end for the source(s) used.     You want your fellow teachers to know your ideas are supported by evidence and/or other professionals in the field!
Review the  rubric to see how your assignment will be graded.