Address Integration and Implementation Issues

Please see the attached SWOT analysis for reference

The team has now completed the SWOT analysis and chart. In this step, consider integration and implementation issues you anticipate when you introduce the new devices and technologies network.
Integration issues are problems that can arise when you try to implement them into the infrastructure. These include incompatibility issues with existing software and databases, operating systems, network routers, or switches and communications protocols.
You will need to address legacy devices in the infrastructure that could cause problems with your implementation. Such devices may have older technologies and can stop working in the new environment or be unable to communicate with these new systems. You may also encounter some infrastructure issues to consider. Include such issues in your discussion.
You may want to revisit some of the early research you conducted earlier in the project when you considered the devices and technologies that would be appropriate for the Strategic Technology Plan for Data Loss Prevention.
Include the integration and implementation section in your team plan. Then, move to the next step, where you and the team members will update a data-flow diagram and consider other devices and systems that you worked on earlier in the course to be used as part of this project.