In this assignment you will research a particular psychological disorder.  Once you have chosen a disorder, you will submit a one paragraph proposal on why you want to study this disorder.  Next, you will research this disorder in depth focusing on the causes, symptoms, and modern understandings of said condition.  Once completed with this section, you will discuss contemporary treatments for the disorder and their individual effectiveness.  Finally, you need to consider a Christian understanding and response to this disorder, considering how a Christian health-care professional might differ in their approach as compared to that of a secular professional.  You will prepare a research paper which addresses this is a comprehensive and academic manner, writing in such a style that someone unfamiliar with the particular disorder could have at least basic understanding after having read your work.  This paper should be written in proper MLA formatting and include a minimum of five academic sources.  The minimum length for this paper is 6 pages.  The rubric for this assignment is found below.

Discussion of causes of disorder- 10 points
Discussion of symptoms of disorder- 15 points
Explanation of modern understanding of disorder- 10 points
Identification of contemporary treatments- 15 points
Analysis of effectiveness of contemporary treatments- 15 points
Analysis of Christian response to disorder- 15 points
Minimum of 6 pages- 5 points