Advanced Mental Health, DSM-5 critical review

DSM-5 Section I and Appendix Critical Review Paper (25%)
Students must read Section I and the Appendix of the DSM-5 and critically review theses sections of the manual. Understanding of these sections of the DSM-5 are key to the professional and ethical use of the DSM-5. This assignment is meant to improve the student’s ability to navigate and professionally use the DSM-5, and gain an understanding of the development in how mental health issues have been viewed and categorized. This is a critical summary paper assignment. The paper will be a minimum of 10 pages in length including title page and references. In order to accurately and sufficiently summarize the material in that length, the student will have to have a working knowledge of the material. The DSM-5 will need to be refenced as well as other relevant sources; additionally, five (5) peer-reviewed references are required. Consider the below:
I. Introduction
II. Section I
III. Appendix
IV. Discussion of the Ethical and Professional Use of the DSM-5
V. Conclusion