Advertising Analysis

Please look at the documents i attached. Find an Advertisment and answers the questions below. Please do NOT pick a Coca-Cola or Pepsi AD. 

1. What product(s) and company does the ad present? (i.e. What is the ad trying to sell?) (1pt)
2. a) Who is the target audience?) b) How can you tell? (Why would the ad appeal to the target audience(s)? (2pts)
3. Which advertising techniques described in 15 Basic Appeals apply to your ad? (3pts)
     a) Write out each technique and b) Describe how it is being used. (i.e. Explain how the part(s) of the ad reflect the Basic Appeals.)
4. How is color used? Which colors are used? What might the color scheme suggest? What mood do the colors evoke? Be specific. For each color you analyze, explain how it applies specifically to the ad. (2pts)
5. How true to life do you think this advertisement is? Is the ad realistic? Why or why not? Explain. (2pts)
6. Read between the lines. Look beneath the surface message. a) What is the implied/subtle message?[i.e. Who will consumers be? What does the ad suggest that the consumer will gain from using this product? (i.e Will you be more popular? Will you get a date? Will you be more successful? Will you look better? etc.)] (3pts)
7. a) Does the advertiser seem to be leaving any information out that you feel is important for consumers to know? (i.e. What is missing?); b) Does the ad include or promote any stereotypes? (2pts)
8. What values and way of life are being promoted by the ad? How can you tell? [i.e. Does the ad promote fun, physical beauty, perfection, escape, family, love, reckless/irresponsible behavior, healthy lifestyle, etc.?] {i.e. What ways of thinking about life are presented in the ad?} (2pts)
9. Are the fonts/words easy to read or do some stand out from the others? How does this effect the ad or the consumer’s response? [i.e. Does the ad draw more attention to certain areas through various sizes/colors of words?]  (2pts)
10. Analyze the words/phrases.
     a) How are they being used to persuade and catch the consumers’ attention? [i.e. What is being said through the words/phrases that is not directly stated?] (2pts)                                                                                                                                                                                                            
b) What are the “weasel words” used to mislead or tempt the consumer in some way? (i.e. What could the wording imply that is not directly stated? Read between the lines.) (2pts)
11. Is the ad convincing? Does the ad persuade you? Why or why not? (1pt)