AFDC (Aid for families with dependent children)

Each student will write an individual paper on a social welfare policy that you have chosen. It is perfectly fine to choose a social welfare policy that you read about in the text or in the power point lectures. The purpose of this assignment is for you to analyze and evaluate a social welfare policy. Your goal is to uncover the history of the policy, its social impacts, the varying political perspectives, its unintended consequences, how the policy was received by different populations, and how it could possibly be improved upon. You MUST use the following prompts in your paper:
1. History of the Policy

When was it passed?
Why was it passed? What was the social context around the development of this policy?
What groups supported it?

2. What was the intended impact of the policy?

Was that the ACTUAL impact?
What were the unintended consequences (positive or negative)?

3. What debates exist(ed) about this policy?
4. Discuss any amendments or changes to the policy since it was enacted (or proposed changes)
5. What have you learned? What is your opinion of this policy?
6. How do you think this policy could be improved upon?
Research is a huge component of this paper. All of your points discussed should be evidence-based and cited within your paper. You are expected to use at least 5 professional (preferably peer-reviewed) sources and cite using APA format. The paper should be 5 pages long. There will be a MAJOR point deduction if you submit a paper that is shorter than 5 pages. Remember, the cover page and reference page do not count in the point total. This paper must be written in APA format. Also, it is extremely important that you cover all topics listed above. Make it very clear in your paper what topics you are covering. If you don’t cover all of the points listed above, there will be a MAJOR point deduction.