Africa history

Please write a one-page essay that includes the Delehanty and BBC article. Additionally, on the second page of your memo document, please cut and paste the “Thesis Evaultion Graph”. I will upload the graph in the documents. Remember, the memo is not a summary. Your job is to advance a claim (i.e. thesis) that draws on the readings and uses them as forms of evidence. The thesis can be somehting along the topic of modern colonization is not the solution to the improvement of africa or the african contient, because it has done nothing but expolit african people and the contient in the past and its just there for profit. That should be the topic of your thesis and you can only use the two articles I link and only site the two articles i will link to you, dont use any other ARTICLES OR SOURCES. 

For formatting, please follow these instructions:

Italicize your thesis so your reader can easily locate it.
Double spaced with 1-inch margin.
Font Times New Roman with 12 as your font size.
 Remember, you only have one page to make your argument, so you want to use as much of the space as you can.
When citing text, only use the authors last name and year (if available). No need to include the title of the text you are citing.