Agriculture in world history

Connect the above video with your Tauger book on any of the issues of the Plantation Complex(multiple or single). 

Topic Papers involve critical analysis and evaluation of specific issues, both historical and current, within United States and global agriculture. Answer these two questions in your Topic Paper-How does your topic affect agriculture? Is your topic still relevant in todays agriculture?
Must be a minimum of 600 words, and discuss the topic with at least 4 citings(quotes or paraphrase) from sources in APA.  
When writing your Topic Papers use a minimum of 4 references are required (one is Tauger, and the other 3 are articles or videos about the agriculture issue). 
No abstract page is required.
Write using the rubric, APA and assignment guides.
Submit early in case you have internet problems.
List all references in APA format and in alphabetic order.
Minimum 5 sentences per paragraph. 
Listed in references in APA format and in alphabetic order.

Book citation: 

Tauger, M. B. (2021). Agriculture in world history. Routledge.