All Hazards Preparation Essay – Hazard Mitigation and Climate Change

Explain how hazard mitigation and climate change adaptation are similar. What actions are local governments or private companies taking to apply this concept?  How will these mitigation efforts contribute to the reduction of loss of life or economic impact to the community? 

Essay Instructions
Grading will be based upon how clearly you present the information within your essay (grammar/punctuation), how well you support your essay with resources (APA format), content knowledge of the material, and how fully you address the essay question. You are expected to incorporate key terms and concepts you have learned in this course and previous courses within the program if applicable. Points will be deducted for grammar, punctuation, spelling errors as well as citation issues. 

Submit only your final draft, however, I recommend that you start with an outline of your essay, then create a rough draft, and finally refine a final draft. All essays must use APA formatting to cite sources, including the required textbooks and online lesson material, when applicable. The essay should be 500 words in length (not including the title page and bibliography), Times New Roman, 12 font size, with 1 margins and 1.5 line spacing. These essays are short-answer essays; therefore, each answer must consist of: 
1. An introductory paragraph, which contains a minimum of three sentences that introduces your answer to the reader and establishes a foundation for the remainder of your answer. 
2. Body paragraph(s), which present the major content of your answer demonstrating your thorough understanding and analysis of the material. Be concise and get right to the point but be comprehensive and detailed.
3. A conclusion paragraph, which contains a minimum of three sentences and summarizes the major points contained in the body of the essay and draws conclusion based on the fact presented in body.