American Beauty (1999) Sam Mendes – Discussion question.

Question: The film’s name references the type of rose seenmany times throughout the film – American Beauty roses. What other ideas andimages might this title be referring to? Pick an idea or image of”American beauty” that you consider relevant and explain how itrelates to the film. Be sure to cite specific evidence from the text to supportyour claim. Why might the writer and/or director have chosen roses as one ofthe film’s primary symbols? What ideas do roses convey that are important tothe overall meaning of the film?

question 2.  Examine the scenes of the film which theaudience sees through the lens of Ricky’s camera. Who or what is videotaped andhow? In what different ways do we see those videotapes? Who else watches them?What is the significance of Ricky’s video hobby/obsession in general? How isthe story that Ricky’s films tell similar to or different from the film as awhole? What might Ricky’s films reveal that couldn’t have been revealed in anyother way?

you will need to watch the movie for this.