American Political Culture’

This is a  qualitative research assignment, write an executive summary examining your critical thinking on what Defines the ‘American Political Culture

please evaluate and define the “American Political Culture’, write a short reflective essay on the topic 2pgs long and use 6 resources.  (no wikipedia or any other open source media that is not scholarly reviewed)).  
Think about the ‘melting pot’ of our society, consider our 250 years of history, immigration, WWI and WWII and other wars that have enable us to expand as a nation and transform our government in the 21st century.  
Guidelines to Consider for your Research: 

What is Politics? What is Culture? 
How do we acquire a political culture? 
What are the elements from your life that inspire you to understand or define our American Political Culture? 

Research Guidelines: 

Please view the Supplemental Links Part I attached in the module for further research and inspiration.
Use the Online Library of your College. 

Use the proper APA/Chicago Style Format (paraphrase correctly with in text citation) refer to ‘pages’ tab or ‘announcement tab’ for more info.  Thorough qualitative research 5-6 resources and not wikipedia use the ‘Pages’ tab for extra research references.
Include a Bibliography and don’t get off Topic!!!

****no Wikipedia… etc. please check module links or ‘pages’ tab. 
Submission Guidelines: 

Please write a two page summary of your research and adhere to APA/Chicago formatting.
You must include 5-6 resources from credible sources you can also use my Links under Module.
2 pgs long double space with in-text citation.
Extra pgs Cover pg & Bibliography= total 4 pgs with the main Body content of your research essay. 
Submit your assignment saved Word document or type it in the text Canvas. 
Submit Word. doc (not Pages or Google doc.)