Analysis of a Coding Audit

Coding audits are a vital component of revenue compliance. Once the audit is completed, a report is provided to the hospital with data for each medical record reviewed. Coding management must analyze the audit results, prepare for education and training, and initiate performance improvement plans when necessary.
You are the coding manager at Memorial Hospital. You recently hired an outside consulting firm to audit 100 inpatient admissions randomly selected from the last quarter of the fiscal year.
Review the file titled AB202019_Ch13_Audit Results 202X.xlsx. This spreadsheet contains the claim-specific issues for each medical record included in the audit.
Analyze the audit results. The coding accuracy metric for your coding unit is 95 percent. Coders included in the audit are expected to have a 95 percent accuracy rate.
Prepare a 1500 word research paper with your findings and insights. Your report should include the top three areas of concern and how the individual coders performed in the audit. The report must be in APA format and include three reputable sources.
**Papers with Turnitin scores higher than 25% will not be accepted** To achieve this, you have to use synonyms of the sources