Analytic memo

Write an analytic memo, only use the source I provided in the files, no other sources are allowed, no plagiarism, follow the instructions carefully

What should an analytic memo look like? The keyword is analytic, meaning it should contain some detailed examination of the text; it should speak to “big-picture” concerns, and it should try to lay bare the inner mechanics of the text’s argument. A good memo must go beyond a simple or straightforward recap. You may relate the readings to the ideas presented in the lectures. You’recertainlyencouraged to give your opinions and to agree or disagree with the authors, and with me. Above all, you are encouraged to say something non-obvious and to write clearly! (Also, indicate plainly which reading your memo is addressing.) Try to limit your analytic memos to 2-3 pages each. Please don’t ask me about spacing, formatting, etc. As I’ll repeat below, you may not use outside or secondary sources—nothing from the internet, no published or unpublished writings, nothing—just the course readings, lectures, and your own fevered imaginations.