analyzing your project data

This is a different kind of discussion in that the goal is to discuss your project with me and plan ahead about how you will use a simple statistical test to analyze your data.  Note: if anyone prefers to do this via email rather than through the discussion mode here in CANVAS, that is fine but the typical due dates still apply. 
I have set this up as a discussion so that is where the points will go but, in this case, I will be replying to your posts rather than your classmates (though if anyone else has ideas and wants to share them, that is encouraged).  You and I will then have a discussion between the two of us about how best to analyze your data.  We can do this even if you have not collected all your data yet since you will already know the general form that your data will take.  
In general, you will be using very simple statistical tests.  If one of you happens to be a statistics or math major or just know a lot about statistical testing from your job or background and you want to choose a more complex type of analysis, that is, of course, fine.  
For your first post, 

Describe the data you have collected or will collect. 
What is your independent variable?   Is it quantitative (such as # hours of sunlight) or categorical (color of food item offered = red, green, or blue)? If categorical, how many categories did you have?
What is your dependent variable?  Is it quantitative (such as plant height) or categorical (response was to run or stay – 2 categories)?  If categorical, how many categories did you have?  
Did you have more that one dependent variable?  If so, answer the dependent variable questions for all of your dependent variables.  
What were the groups in your study?  What was the sample size for each group?
Do you have any ideas on how you might analyze your data?  

For your reply post (only needed if you have additional questions):
I will reply to your initial post and may ask you additional questions and/or suggest a statistical test to consider.  Reply to the questions asked.  SO PLEASE MAKE SURE SHE DONT HAVE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS TO MY POST and the caps are for like warning read so im not yelling at you ok PS this about my semester project that you wrote about already so refer to it PLEASE i will message you the order # ok i cant see it right now