ancient greece

Read the ariticle. Write a short summary.
Ask three questions(in total) in the following form.
Your questions should not be simple yes/no questions (e.g. Was Michelangelo a sculptor?); instead, you should be able to pose your questions to your fellow classmates as a means to stimulate discussion. If there are themes and concepts from the readings that you find difficult to understand, then you should strive to articulate your confusion in a productive way (e.g. The subtitle of the article we read on Francisco Goya is called The Tensions of Enlightenment: what characteristics of Goyas work show a commitment to the ideals of the Enlightenment? Alternatively, what characteristics of his work demonstrate a skepticism towards these same ideals?) 
Reading: Jeanette Greenfield, The Elgin Marbles Debate; Margaret Talbot, The Myth of Whiteness in Classical Sculpture