Answers to Questions on Project Management – Case Study

MGMT640 | Summer 2021
Questionson the case study attached below:
1.How should Polaris balance its pursuit of new technologies with its scaling ofcapabilities to work with existing technologies?
2.How should the company balance its client portfolio?
3.If Morris were to leave Polaris, what would be the impact on revenue? Can he bereplaced? How does Polaris cultivate talent with such a small and specializedoperation?
4.Should Polaris ask clients for payment upfront to reduce credit risk?
5.With such a complex offering, how can Polaris mitigate quality risk?
6.How does Polaris mitigate the risk of hazardous waste and its disposal (bothfor workplace safety and also public perception)?
7.How does Polaris mitigate the risk that one of its suppliers fails to deliver acritical material in a timely or quality manner?