Anthropology Final Essay

ANTHROPOLOGY IN ACTION FINAL ESSAYThe final exam consists of a written essay engaging an anthropological topic as discussed in lectures or course materials. This essay will reflect deep understanding of an anthropological topic of your choice. The assignment demonstrates that the student can identify a relevant topic, discuss the topic using the anthropological lens (NOT A HISTORY OF THE TOPIC), and how it relates to or helps us understand human culture.

Final Essay Guidelines Format:The essay must be at least 4 double spaced pages and NO MORE THAN 8 double spaced pages plus a work cited page and reflect college level writing and best practices. The essay must be double spaced and have page numbers. Essays without a name or proper title/heading will receive a 0. It is strongly recommended that you submit an early draft OR take your essay to the writing center before final submission. 


Final Essay ContentI. IntroductionA. Introduce the topic/behavior and name the anthropological concept (family, diet, music, religion, language or any other topic we discussed in class or in the course materials)B. Discuss the behaviors and context associated with the topicC. The subfield(s) that you will examine the topic from
II. BodyA. Discuss evidence (from the article(s)) that tells us how the topic shapes how people think in the culture.B. Discuss evidence (from the article(s)) that tells us how the topic shapes how people behave in the culture.C. Discuss evidence (from the article(s)) for one or two other aspects of the topic that would help us better understand the groups culture. (Here, think of the Anthropology of music lecture and how we can use music as both a lens into other aspects of culture or an object of study in and of itself)
III. ConclusionA. Identify one or two lingering questions you may have about the topic and its relationship to culture as discussed in class. For example, what else do you want to know OR what would you investigate if you had the chance.B. Discuss what this topic teaches YOU about the concept of culture
IV. Work Cited Page

Final Essay EvaluationThis essay will be evaluated for your engagement with a relevant anthropological topic within the context of existing research on the topic. As a final essay, you should aim to demonstrate your understanding of the anthropological approach and how it contributes to our understanding of human culture. An exceptional attempt (18-20 points) will be properly formatted, be at least 4 double spaced pages but NOT EXCEED 8 double spaced pages; and successfully discuss how anthropologist have approached the topic and what they have found. A satisfactory attempt (14-17 points) will have met some of the formatting guidelines, partially defined the concepts, ideas, and resources although used them in their essay.