Application Paper – Nursing Philosophical Underpinning: Constructivism

 This paper is a discussion about the choice of one philosophical underpinning (see below), and how it relates to the way we come to know in our nursing practice through the lens of a chosen aspect of your nursing story. This effort requires knowledge of the philosophical underpinnings of: positivism, post-positivism, critical theory, and constructivism. A discussion about the underpinning philosophy, what it means, and how it fits with a chosen aspect of your nursing story should ensue. The key elements of your paper are listed below:Identify the underpinning philosophy that fits the way you nurse.Explain the relationship of that underpinning philosophy and the chosen aspect you want to highlight in your nursing story.Discuss the ontological and epistemological beliefs that are associated with the paradigm that underpins your nursing story. Identify which of the ways of knowing is most prominent in your nursing story. Justify your answer.

Attached below is my personal nursing story. 

We have to pick 1 of the 4 underpinnings. I am not “set” on constructivism. If you feel more comfortable in writing about one of the other underpinnings, as it relates to my nursing story, go for it. I am not picky. I just need it done 🙂 

Limit: 3 pages using APA 7th edition formatting with references. I have one reference that I will attach below this if you want to use: