Applied Research, Research Purposes, Variables, and Attributes

Applied Research, Research Purposes, Variables, and Attributes
Part I: Review the common errors of personal inquiry discussed in this week’s readings. Describe an example of one of these errors and explain how scientific inquiry can overcome the error. Integrate a discussion of the readings to explain how applied research differs from traditional research.
Part II: Building upon your discussion in Part I about scientific inquiry and applied research, propose two issues to be examined through an applied research study. Note: Review what others have already posted to the Discussion Board and propose original issues that have not already been posted by another student.
Explain the following for each of your proposed studies:

Describe the issue and identify where (specific agency, organization, group, community, and where it is located) it has risen to the level of a major problem in need of applied research; include a citation and reference documenting the problem in the selected location.
Explain the primary research purpose of the proposed study (e.g., exploration, description, explanation, evaluation, and/or application, as discussed in the readings) and how the research serves this purpose. Identify the attributes of the primary independent variable and the attributes of the dependent variable for each proposed study.

Cite and reference your sources.