Argumentative research paper

I intend to argue What and Why?. What are the reasons for students to struggle during college, and why these struggles are the obstacles that prevent them from succeeding in college? One of the struggles I mentioned was a lack of motivation, responsibility, fear freshman students get when they attend college for the first time, the pandemic, and the consequences of it.  Also, how virtual learning has affected the lives of many college students (students get distracted and don’t pay attention to the professors.) Those ideas are my arguments. My opponents who are against me are those who will say the contrary of my argument. 
Argumentative Research Essay, formatted in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins. Remember to include a Works Cited page, formatted in MLA (which does not count as one of your 10-12 pages).
Do not write it from scratch; your Proposal essay, for example, can form the basis of your introduction and provide you with an outline to follow.  Your Annotated Bibliography can provide you with the sources that will help back up your own claims.  Your Opposition Review can help you to set up a series of rebuttals and conversations with your opponents.
Of course, you will not, repeat not simply cut-and-paste; you will still need to revise the part in order to create smooth, seamless transitions between paragraphs.  You will also have to expand upon your points so that they go much more in-depth.  But don’t re-invent the wheel on this one, make use of all the other assignments you have already written so far this semester.

Please, use the Work Cited provided below for the argumentative research paper.  

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