Aristotelian Appeals Analysis

Of these four article how does the authors and/or interviewees appealed too logos, ethos, and pathos to persuade us (their readers) that their views are reasonable, believable, and correct.
4-5 supporting sentences, and be roughly 100-200 words long. There is a sample image.
For each article, write a one-paragraph analysis of the Aristotelian appeals you found within the article.  For straight news articles (as opposed to opinion pieces), if the journalists did their jobs well, they didn’t show their biases and didn’t try to persuade readers of anything. Less scrupulous opinion writers (masquerading as journalists) will show their biases.  So, look first to the writers themselves, not the people they quote.  If the writers are trying to persuade readers of something, determine which appeals they are using, provide examples (quotes), and make it clear how you know if passages are using a certain appeal.  If the writers of any of your articles are not trying to persuade readers of anything, good for them!  They are actual journalists.  In that case, look to the people they quote for biased perspectives that they are trying to persuade readers of.