Art, Aesthetics, and History

So far for this class, we have explored how the 1960s was radically different, historically, from the 1950s. We have looked to the arts that emerged in this time period and explored the various manifestos of artistic movements to see how artists were creating something wholly new and novel. All of these historical contexts, these new artistic forms, and these new philosophies influenced what would eventually become Jim Henson’s approach to art-making with the Muppets. 
This week I want you to begin making connections. This week’s reading looks at the history of puppetry within the context of the arts. How would puppets be an appropriate artform for the 1960s, which was trying so desperately to break away from the previous conventions of the past? How would puppetry be anachronistic to these attempts to create something new? What do you think about puppetry that would be novel and new and entertaining for an audience that was thirsty for something that deviated from the norms? Why do we consider puppetry an artistic medium appropriate for children? Why do we think of puppet shows when we look back on our own pasts and our own experiences, artistically? 
I want you to consider these questions, and any others that you may wish to discuss in this discussion thread this week. In a carefully crafted 300-500 word post, consider these questions and any others you may think of as you work through this week’s readings. You will want to bring in textual references to the readings we have read this week as well as those from our previous two weeks. This will serve as a jumping-point for you to begin considering making connections that will help you in our research essay and in our course project.