Art by African Americans

Step One: 
Go to the   website and read the information at the top. Then, under “The Collection” choose two artists to study, peruse, and enjoy. Please take notes (titles of work, artists, your impressions, etc.) when you are looking at the art, with an eye toward connecting the art to literature.
Step Two: 
Based on the artist you picked, create TWO Costa’s Levels of Thinking questions that asks your fellow student to connect the visual work with at least one of the poems we read together this week.

Please LINK the art in your post! 
You could ask us to compare, to relate them to current times, to examine a common theme, to think about a common issue each addresses in a different way, whatever.
Critical questions often start with words like: why, what if, compare, connect, do you agree, how do you feel, why does the author/artist, how, have you ever, do you think that …