article discussion

 You MUST have the article title in your post title. (0.5pt)
2.  You MUST provide a link to the article to begin the post. This may NOT be a Word document attachment, it must be an active hyperlink (not just a copy/paste of the address). (0.5pt)
2.  Article MUST be less than 12 months old and from a reputable source (no Onion, Wiki, etc). 
3.  Article MUST be about Human Anatomy or Physiology.  It may be on any topic as long as you can relate it to A&P I (Chemistry – Endocrine). (1pt)
4.  You MUST provide a short summary of the article in your post. (1pt)
5.  You MUST include a statement about why this interested you and how it relates to our class or what we have or will study this semester. (2pt)