Article Review

When developing a particular assignment, consult the various rubrics above tosee how the assignment will be graded.Article Review Assignments: (2 of them) STUDENTS FIND THEIR OWN ARTICLE THROUGH THE LIBRARYRobert L. Bogomolny Library DATBASE! DO NOT USE THE ONES PROVIDED FOR THAT WEEK!Students will be required to research and peer reviewed articles from academic journals. These articleshelp understand how ethics is being applied to your field. Students will read the article and (for eacharticle) answer these questions that follow.1. What is the thesis of the article? Provide a factual summary of the important points of thearticle.2. A brief reaction to the article. What actions could you take as a result of what you read? Wasthere something else the author/s could have considered?3. How will you or could you apply what youve learned from the coursework to this article? Howdoes this expand your knowledge base about ethical theory and its practice to the CriminalJustice Field?Students answers should be APA style, grammatically correct, and well thought. 2 WRITTEN PAGEMAXIMUM NOT INCLUDING TILTE PAGE AND REFERENCES 


Some questions to answer in your review: 
How do we ethically modify the behavior of others?
What are the ethical questions that arise when influencing others?