Assessment 3 Instructions: Client Meeting and Project Approval

Meet with a health care professional in your prospectiveclient organization to present your data review project proposal. Then, submita summary of the required changes, with the client’s signature. There is nopage limit for this assessment.
The ability to articulate the potential impact of yourproject in a concise manner to project stakeholders can impact the successfulimplementation of any change initiative. The successful outcome of your projectdepends upon your ability to communicate effectively and prepare for meetingswith important stakeholders.
Overview and Preparation
Note: In this assessment, you will present the projectproposal that you developed in Assessment 2 to the client for negotiation andapproval.
Document Review
To prepare for this assessment, read the following:
Client Meeting and Project Approval Guide [PDF].
The information provided in this document will help you inpreparing for the meeting, presenting your data review project proposal, andobtaining approval for your project from the client. In addition, it providesguidance, recommendations, and examples that are crucial to successfullycompleting this assessment. You are encouraged to download this document andkeep it on hand as a ready reference.
In addition, download and review the template you will usefor this assessment:
Assessment 3 Client Meeting and Review Template [DOCX].
Key Preparatory Tasks for a Successful Meeting
Thorough preparation will ensure that your meeting isproductive. Take the following steps to prepare for the meeting:
Conduct background research on your prospective clientorganization. Identify a first and second choice for connecting with apracticing health care professional in that organization.
Research best practices for professional communication andfeedback to prepare for the interview.
Reflect upon your experience in human services and healthcare administration relevant to your proposed project. Based on the NCHLcompetencies, is your proposed project realistic?
Prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask thepracticing health care professional. Refer to the Client Meeting and ProjectApproval Guide [PDF].
Note: You should arrive at the meeting with proposedperformance indicators related to the health care issue you have identified.However, it is possible that you have chosen the wrong indicators, that theindicators are not included in the organization’s data sets, or that the clientthinks different indicators might be more helpful. It is your job to verify,discover, or redefine your performance indicators so that you can proceed withyour data review.
You will need to take the following steps to complete thisassessment. Details and supporting information for completing each step arecontained in the Client Meeting and Project Approval Guide [PDF].
Step 1: Schedule a meeting with the prospective client.
Step 2: Meet with the client and present your projectproposal (your combined Assessments 1 and 2). You may wish to send yourproposal to your reviewer prior to the meeting.
Provide evidence-based support for your assertions andconclusions.
Be clear about the project scope, execution, and focus.
Be clear about the value of your proposed project and howyou will measure the outcomes for each of the four areas of the balancedscorecard.
Be prepared to answer questions that the client asks.
Step 3: Work with the client to refine your project proposalas necessary, including any negotiated changes, using the Assessment 3 ClientMeeting and Review Template [DOCX]. Summarize the feedback offered by yourclient during the meeting, and provide any substantive, relevant details neededfor clarification. (You will integrate the client feedback into your finalproject report.)
Step 4: Submit the changes noted in your Assessment 3template to the client for their approval and signature. (The clientssignature, title, and contact information are required.)
Step 5: Scan and submit the signed copy of the Assessment 3template as the deliverable for this assessment.