assignment #1 unit one

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The two books for the class are authored by a man and a woman.  There focus points are very different.  We might first think this is because of their upbringing, their region, any number of factors, but let’s focus on the difference between men and women, asking what accounts for this difference and why?
Asking this question should have you headed to the library and finding books by experts in the field who write about this difference.  Please no website citations here without a name.  I want you to look into the writer’s credentials.  What makes them and expert, promotes their way of thinking.
Now having educated yourself on these differences with the thoughts and opinions of experts, read Beattie and Thompson asking after their differences and how their sex informs their point of view and how this in turn means things in what they tell and present us.  What are they saying about themselves and their side of the sex ledger?
With the above in mind, examine a sampling of Thompson’s poems as well as a story by Beattie.  You may select the pieces you think are best in making your point, arguing and creating a thesis you wish to prove by developing your point with the primary texts and sources.
Your essay should pose an argument for your way of thinking about how sex informs the works read.  You want to state your argument and then use the primary texts (Thompson and Beattie) as well as secondary texts (the sources you researched on sex) in developing your argument, providing support for your thesis.  Throughout your essay, you should add commentary on how what you argue for changes the reading of the authors here and then at the end offer advice as to how this way of thinking informs the readers’ lives as well.
In terms of format, you need to have a good title, a heading that presents course information in the upper left hand corner of your first page single spaced
Your name
Assignment #1
Date Due
Your submitted essay should observe the following as well.  It should 
Have one inch margins
1.5 spaces between text lines
A title that sells interest in your essay
Possesses a Works Cited page
Numbered right hand corner pages
The essay should run between 4-6 pages in length with multiple paragraphs mindful of the purpose each one presents.  The essay needs to be edited and be precise in the use of in text citations.
 Grading Rubric
This gives you insight into how I will read your essays, and the grade I will assign by way of this way of reading.
40/100  The essay was turned in but the directions above were not followed.
50/100  The essay follows directions but problems occur in the editing process.
60/100  The essay does not meet the standard of the class’s work turned in.  It has problems with organization or development using sources in a meaningful way.  The skills from English One have not been applied here.
70/100  The essay does everything asked in a satisfactory way.
80/100  The essay does more than what is asked, organizing and developing the argument of the essay in a substantial way.
90/100  The essay’s organization and development is very well done and added to here with depth in analysis for the latter parts of the development sections as well as the conclusion.
100/100  The essay does all of the above but reveals here a creative and innovative understanding of what is asked as well as understanding the value of the works towards the focused written on argument.