Assignment 12: Music and Sync Uses (MUSIC MARKETING)

Assignment 12: Music and Sync Uses – due Sep 19

Throughout this lesson, we’ve discussed a number of options and examples of generating awareness and revenue from music synced to visual media. For this week’s assignment, please complete the following::
First, provide an example of a song that was used in an ad or in a film scene that really was memorable to you. Please explain the song/band and the specific use. What was it about the music and the visual that left an impression with you?
Next, share an artist or band that you were exposed to for the first time through having their music used in a film, trailer, television show, television commercial, or in a video game. If the artist was new to you, did you then seek out more info on this artist or even buy their music? How did you find out who the artist was?
Finally, outline some ways in which you could leverage the visibility provided by a sync placement for marketing purposes. How could a sync placement, for you as an artist or the artist(s) you may represent, help with press, retail, touring, or other marketing initiatives?