Assignment 12: New Horizons (ROCK HISTORY)

Rock’s last 20+ years have been buffeted by change—from grunge to industrial, techno, and rap-rock, to revivals of British rock, punk, and garage rock. And let’s not forget the effects of Napster and the shocks that rippled through the record industry after that. We can’t speak with certainty about rock’s future, but based on your study of this lesson, as well as all the lessons that have preceded it, where do you think we are headed? Are you optimistic about its future? Pessimistic? A little of both? Do you see more revivals? Please share your thoughts and allude to concepts and events from the course.
Please write approximately 750-1,000 words
Submit ancillary materials such as images, YouTube links, etc., to support your analysis/opinion
Please stay within the word limit for this final assignment.