Assignment #2: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Important NOTE To Students: This assignment

Assignment #2: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Important NOTE To Students: This assignment is to be completed as part of your group activity.
WBS is the tool for planning and controlling the work content in project management. The WBS is commonly used at the beginning of a project to define project scope, organize Gantt schedules, and estimate costs.
Successful project management depends mainly on the project manager’s ability to specify the work content of projects in terms of their products (deliverables) and activities. Therefore, Work Breakdown Structure in any project and throughout the project must maintain and control the integrity of deliverables and activities in the project schedule. According to PMI*, a WBS is a product-oriented family tree of phases, activities, and tasks that organize, define, and graphically display the total work to be accomplished to achieve the project’s final objectives.
WBS is the unique technique in project management for defining and organizing the total scope of a project, using a hierarchical tree structure, tabular structure, etc. Each descending level represents an increasingly detailed definition of the project. It is a system for subdividing a project into manageable work packets, components, or elements to provide a common framework for scope schedule, costs, allocation of responsibility, communications, risk assessment monitoring, and control.
Instructions to create WBS:
It is group work. You will continue working in the same group that was formed initially.
Submission of the WBS is online by the due date. There is a late penalty of 5% daily, which is applied to the whole group.
Follow the template. See the attached sample template.
Few steps to initiate the WBS are:
Understand MS Project Tutorials
Understand the Project title assigned to your group
Use template
Follow the WBS Example attached.
Understand and follow the Rubrics