4 pages research’ instruction “For your research paper, you will choose any author that interests you to write about. A word of advice, choose an author that you want to know something about not one that you are already an expert on. If you are going to have to do research, learn something in the process instead of just reading the same stuff you already know.

You will have 4 “parts” to your research. You don’t have to subdivide your paper or anything like that; just make sure you include this information.

1. Give a brief biography of your author- What was their early life like? Any important events happen? Family life? etc.

2. Give an analysis of one of their works or a comparison between a couple of their works. Like your essays, I don’t want a summary of the work, but go deeper into meaning or style.

3. Review the literary criticism of your author or their works. In the research databases you can search for “literary criticism of (insert author’s name)”. The criticism can be positive or negative.

4. This strays slightly from a typical research paper, but I want your evaluation of the author after researching them. What did you think of them before you began this and how do you feel about them now?

Your paper will be 4-6 pages long with at least 4 sources. You’ll follow the MLA format. I highly recommend you read the section in the book on doing research before you begin writing.

On the next several files/pages you’ll find resources that will help you write your essay. I’m including some links from Montgomery College Library that I’ve found helpful through the years.

If you need more instructions after looking through the remainder of this folder, please let me know.