Team Member JakeHazleworth Presentation 3: Process & What can be improved  
Postan MP4 file for live presentation and a PowerPt file with Team 3 &Hazleworth, not mine, in the file name, i.e., Assign 3.doc. The presentation should be 10-12minutes and include the following at a minimum:
1.   Team Number, Team Name & Project
2.   Description of the clients processes (flow chart orsimilar presentation, comprehensive view of business)
3.   Issue/Challenges that current process has
4.   What you envision can be done (strictlyfrom business process perspective) to correctthese issues/Challenges
5.   Establish the To Be process by incorporating What canbe improved
4. Comparison of As Is measurement to forecast of ToBe to identify the changes
Present a deep analysis of the current process. Be aware eachorganization has a process no matter how simple or trivial it might looklike. Visualization of the business process proves to be an effective tooltherefore it is strongly recommended to include a workflow diagram in thepresentation. 
The second part is what can be improved. Base on the analysis of thecurrent process, you should be able to identify issues/challenges faced by yourclient, in other words what can be changed to make the business process runbetter. While you work on this part, keep in mind your team has presentedinformation on competitors and trend of the industry in 3.2, it is always agood idea to establish correlation between what you present here and what ispresented in 3.2. At the end of this part, you should have a To Be processwhich incorporates What can be improved. Again a workflow diagram for To Beprocess is strongly recommended. You might want to present the As Is and ToBe diagrams side by side so audience can easily see the proposed businesschanges.
The immediate purpose of this presentation is to show what should bechanged from a business process perspective. The final goal is to build acompelling business case. You should always keep that in mind when you decidethe content for your presentation whether the content presented here helpswith building the compelling business case or not?.
Key points: 
1.    Focus on the businessprocesses. You are not at the solution stage so you should not delve intotopics like build a website, provide a mobile application or change theexcel spreadsheet to SQL Server database etc. 
2.    Please provide enough detailsof the As Is and To Be processes. After your presentation, audience shouldhave a clear idea of what needs to change/remove/add to the steps composingthe current process.
3.    You might identify quite afew issues/challenges. You can mention all of them in your presentation but atthe end you should always narrow down to one issue/problem that naturally isthe most imperative. Since your decision here will directly affect the scope ofyour project in IT493, so you need to keep the future project scope within amanageable size.