Assignment 4: Creative Process III: Principals of Choreography

Assignment 4: Creative Process III: Principals of Choreography 
Due Date: Wednesday, February 24 by 11:59 p.m. (0-10 Total Pts.) 
Learning Outcome: Learning the principles of choreography using real life strategies.
Required Reading:
Required Video: 
Instructions: Read the required dance magazine article. Select one of the YouTube videos. 
Create a power point explaining the following: 
(1) What video did you viewed and why.  
(2) What did you learn from the video?. 
(3) Pretend you are a choreographer and create your own choreography describing your creative process. Students should also select a piece of music, your piece, explain what style of movement use in your choreography, indicate a theme or main idea. Other elements you could include: costumes, venue, number of dancers in piece, hair and make-up options.  
Be creative and have fun! Post your assignment to Blackboard Discussion by the due date and respond to 2 classmates within 48 hours of the due date.