Assignment #5 (Weeks 3 -4) Written analysis of video showing British teenagers visiting Amish families who live in Ohio

Weekly Assignment # 5
Johnson C. Smith University
Metropolitan College
Sociology 131- Principles of Sociology
Chapter 2 examines the cultural systems created by societies in different sections of the world. For this assignment, each student is to review the video Six British Teenagers Living with the Amish in Ohio on YouTube.  (There are six short video sections). Http: 
The video is designed to explain socialization and culture among Amish families living in Ohio who have agreed to allow a group of young adults from England visit and live in their community, as a part of an exchange program. The narrator of the video explains that in the recent past a group of Amish young adults participated in the same exchange program which allowed for a short visit to the homes of English families. Each students task is to review the video and discuss in a three-page, double-spaced and typed paper how the theories in chapters 2 (Culture), 4 (Socialization and the Life Course) and 5(Social Structure and Social Interaction) explain the human interaction in the video.  Remember to include a page for the references.