Assignment-    Exp19_PowerPoint_Ch01_ML1_Time_Management Exp19 PowerPoint Ch01 ML1 Time Mana

Exp19 PowerPoint Ch01 ML1 Time Management
PowerPoint Chapter 1 Mid – Level 1 Time Management 
Project Description:
You belong to a student organization on campus that has asked you to put together a presentation on time management. You created a presentation with some basic content for a school project you will use as starting point. You want to modify the presentation to make it more appealing and better portray the message.
Start PowerPoint.   Download and open the file named Exp19_PPT_Ch01_ML1_TimeManagement.pptx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.
Apply the Gallery   theme and change the variant to the second variant.
Change the theme   colors to Aspect and the theme fonts to Corbel.
Add the title Time   Management   in the title placeholder. Type Use Your Time Wisely in the subtitle   placeholder.
If you want to use   slides from another presentation, the Reuse Slides features saves   considerable time, as you do not have to copy and paste slides from another   presentation.
  Use the Reuse Slides feature to add all slides from Time.pptx into the open presentation. Preserve the order of the   slides. Ensure the Use source formatting or Keep source formatting check box   is not selected so that the inserted slides take on the design and formatting   of the open presentation.
Delete Slide 2. Move   Slide 3 so that it becomes Slide 2.
Click Slide 5 and add   a new slide. Change the slide layout to Content with Caption on the newly   inserted slide. In the top left placeholder, type What’s Stealing Your Time? (including the ?   mark). Increase the font size of the text to 44 pt and apply Bold.
  Click the bottom placeholder and type Identify aspects of your   personal management that need to improve! Increase the font size of the   text to 24 pt.
Images can be used to   enhance a presentation and better portray your message.
  On the newly created slide (slide 6), insert the Steal.jpg image in the content placeholder on the right. Change   the width of the image to 6.3″. 
Apply the Bevel   Perspective Left, White picture style. Change the Picture Border to Tan,   Background 2. Set the horizontal position of the image to 4.8″ and the vertical   position to 1.5 “.
Change the layout of   Slide 4 to Title and Content. Insert the TimeMarches.jpg   image in the content placeholder. Crop the top and bottom of the image so   that most of the white area is removed. Change the width of the image to 7.9″. 
Apply the Moderate   Frame, White picture style. Change the Picture Border to Tan, Background 2.   Set the Horizontal position of the image to 2.7″ and the Vertical   position to 2.5”.
SmartArt allows you   to communicate information visually with graphics instead of just using text.
  On Slide 5, convert the list to a Vertical Box List SmartArt graphic.
On Slide 3, convert   the list to a Basic Block List SmartArt graphic.
Check the   presentation for spelling errors. Make corrections as needed on the slides   and notes.
To help you prepare   and deliver your presentation you will add speaker notes.
  Type the following speaker note on Slide 6: To better manage your time it   will be important to identify aspects of your personal management that may   need to improve. 
Save and close Exp19_PPT_Ch01_ML1_TimeManagement.pptx.   Submit the file as directed.