Assignment- Find a research article

Find a research article – Mobile technology preferred; but any technology topic is acceptable. A research effort is usually placed in the context of a “business problem” that can be understood in terms of carefully designed research questions; this allows for maximum research, understanding, and participation around resolving the problem.
Evaluation criteria – notice what specific research components (Title, Abstract, Method, etc.) are found in the article
State the name of the article you found and that is being evaluated and who the author(s) is/are.
What is this article about – talk about its context (what is the topic; its purpose, and significance to what/whom)? 
What components of a research format is included in this article?
How does this format contribute to the purpose of the writing?
Do the author(s) use this format in a way that furthers research – what other component(s), if any, might be helpful to that purpose?
Discuss the follow general guidelines in the course of evaluating:
What makes research writing different than ordinary information/observation writing? 
Identify and explain major components of a research paper format.
Why use peer-reviewed journals in research?
Why are keywords used in the Abstract and during the Literature Review process?
Why use/apply APA basic citation style in these writing assignments?
4-5 pages, Strict APA-7 citation format, 5 plus more peer reviewed references