Assignment-    I need the outline by this weekend and paper by next  on the following topics

 I need the outline by this weekend and paper by next  on the following topics from the following company 
Purchasing and Supplier Relationship
Customer Relationship Management
Inventory Management
Quality Management
Logistics Functions (including transportation and warehousing)
Requirements for Your Research Paper
Paper should be a minimum of 10 pages (excluding the cover page and reference list).
Follow the current APA format.
Use Times New Roman font, 12-point.
Double space everything in the paper.
Include a title and reference page with at least ten references (minimum five peer-reviewed).
Use figures, tables, or graphs in your write-up.
Once you complete your research paper, you will create a five (5) minute narrated presentation summarizing the findings from your paper. 
Requirements for your presentation
Presentation should be about 5 minutes in length.
Include title, agenda, and reference slides.
Minimum 8 slides (excluding the title page, agenda, and reference slides).
Include figures, tables, graphs, and links to short videos when applicable.
Outline and Introduction
Submit your research paper outline and include the following:
A half page introduction about your selected firm’s supply chain.
One paragraph for each of the selected subjects highlighting their importance to the success of the firm.
A proposed Table of Contents.